Speaker Presentations

Tuesday, December 4th

Room 201
11:30 How pharmacists bridge the gap in services

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14:30 Immunization registries for coverage assessment and public health action

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Room 202
11:30 Strengthening the role of vaccines in the control of pandemics

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14:30 Shifting sands underpinning influenza policy

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Room 203
11:30 New vaccines in the next 2-5 years

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14:30 People with pre-existing acute or chronic conditions

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Room 205
11:30 Oral Presentations - Session 1

Crowcroft, Natasha
Garipé, Marie-Claude
Le Saux, Nicole
Naus, Monika
Tan, Ben
14:30 Oral Presentations - Session 3

Arnason, Trevor
McGeer, Allison
Sadarangani, Manish
Vojicic, Jelena
Weingartl, Eva
Room 206
07:00 Let's do it better: Novel delivery systems and immunization schedules

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11:30 Oral Presentations - Session 2

Langley, Joanne
Top, Karina
Widenmaier, Robyn
14:30 New products and technologies to advance vaccines and adjuvant biology

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Room 207
11:30 Using technology to connect Canadians to their immunization records across Canada

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14:30 Using social media as a tool for outbreak response and to improve vaccine uptake

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Room 208
11:30 Optimizing immunization in Indigenous populations

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14:30 Oral Presentations - Session 4

Auger, Danielle
Bergeron, Julie
Guay, Maryse
Landry, Monique
Toth, Eveline
Room 210
11:30 Improving vaccination acceptance and uptake in pregnancy

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Room Canada Hall 1 & 2
09:00 Plenary I

Cox, Nancy