Speaker Presentations

Wednesday, December 5th

Room 201
11:00 What's new with NACI

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14:00 National immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs): Interpreting the evidence

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Room 202
11:00 We Need to Do Better - NextGen Influenza Vaccines

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14:00 Living better longer: The role of new vaccines in healthy aging

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Room 203
11:00 Implantation d’un programme provincial d’entretien motivationnel sur l’immunisation dans les maternités

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14:00 Are Canadians condemned to suffer from rare and sever vaccine-preventable diseases or is it time for a change in the decision-making paradigm?

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Room 205
11:00 Oral Presentations - Session 5

Atkinson, Katherine
Beckermann, Karen
Fung, Christina
Jenkins, Narelle
McDermott, Cathy
14:00 Oral Presentations - Session 8

Dubé, Eve
Jenkins, Narelle
O'Doherty, Kieran
Paradis, Alexandra
Room 206
07:00 The illness and prevention of meningococcal B in adolescence, and HPV in males

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11:00 Oral Presentations - Session 6

Bunko, Andrean
Gilca, Rodica
Greyson, Devon
Sherrard, Lindsey
Wilson, Sarah
14:00 Oral Presentations - Session 9

Allard-Johnson, Michelle
De Rubeis, Emily
MacDonald, Shannon
Room 207
11:00 Oral Presentations - Session 7

Coleman, Brenda
Pullagura, Gokul Raj
Roy, Maxime
Sondagar, Chandni
Vivion, Maryline
14:00 Oral Presentations - Session 10

Andrews, Michele
Brousseau, Nicholas
David, Samara
Langley, Joanne
Sauvageau, Chantal
Room 208
11:00 Safety in numbers: A collaborative workshop to build capacity in the surveillance and management of adverse events following immunization in Canada

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14:00 Practical communication tools for immunizers

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Room 210
11:00 Increasing vaccine acceptance and uptake: Innovative interventions from the immunization partnership fund

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14:00 Successful implementation of maternal vaccination programs: How to get there?

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Room Canada Hall 1 & 2
09:00 Plenary II

MacDonald, Noni